Single Payer Healthcare Voter Pledge

Whereas: The Affordable Care Act (ACA) leaves 4 million Americans in the coverage gap between Medicaid and Subsidized Plans;

Whereas: For-profit insurance companies too often act as a barrier to care rather than as a gateway, and the ACA keeps them firmly entrenched in our healthcare system;

Whereas: The healthcare coverage in the United States is ranked #37 in the world by the World Health Organization and yet we spend almost twice as much as any other country, enough to cover everybody with excellent comprehensive healthcare;

Whereas: Over 59% of physicians support Single-Payer Health insurance;

Whereas: A Single Payer Healthcare system has been endorsed by 558 union organizations in 49 states including 130 Central Labor Councils and Area Labor Federations and 39 state AFL-CIO’s;

And whereas: Under a Single Payer Healthcare plan, we can pay for a comprehensive national health care program with the same money we are now spending by removing insurance companies — and cover every single person in the United States;

Be it Resolved That: We the undersigned will vote only for candidates who publicly pledge to institute a Single Payer Healthcare system.

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    Dana McLeod
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    Sign the petition: Single Payer Healthcare Voter Pledge
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    Single Payer is the only option for covering everyone.
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